Daily Dose of Knowledge

Word of the Day:

Word: harangue (\huh-RANG\)



1: a speech addressed to a  public assembly
2: a ranting speech or  writing
3: lecture

Example Sentence: The comedian’s stand-up act consisted mostly of sharp harangues against  celebrities and the media. 

Riddle of the Day

(answer will be posted later on in the day, but if you think you know the answer, feel free to post it in the comments below):

It is greater than God

And more evil than the devil.

The poor have it,

The rich need it,

And if you eat it you’ll die.

French Word of the Day:

French Word: plaire

English Definition: to please

Example Sentence: Ton cadeau me plaît énormément, merci

                                  Your gift pleases me hugely, thank you.


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