People who get crazy on the intenet…

Just commented on Hollywood Life’s post on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s new daughter and this is what went down:



Posted at 9:21 PM on June 15, 2013  

Reblogged this on Wreck This. and commented: Call me superficial, but I love Kim K! And Kanye is a music genius. CONGRATS!

kswiss96 wants to be so super stupid.

Posted at 9:29 PM on June 15, 2013  

@kswiss96, Ok you are superficial, super stupid, super lame and super sucking douche water. Satisfied? Good.



Posted at 9:38 PM on June 15, 2013  

Damn! @Kswiss96 wants to be super stupid. You went off on the girl for no reason. Can’t a girl have her opinion? If that’s what she feels, let her have that. We now know that you have a different opinion, and that’s fine. You’re insulting her like you know her.(Maybe you do) But really there is no need for all that. You can disagree with her without name calling.



Posted at 11:43 PM on June 15, 2013  

You called me superficial, but like I said, I still love Kim K and Kanye is still a genius.


kswiss96, You called yourself supeficial…I called you an idiot.

Posted at 11:48 PM on June 15, 2013  

@kswiss96, Oh silly twat, you called yourself superficial, I called you stupid and a whole more.

WHY DO PEOPLE GET CRAZY ON THE INTERNET??? I think a lot of quiet, shy people invent these bold and incredibly rude alter egos online to make themselves feel bigger than what they are in reality. How does a comment about my personal self-embarrassment regarding a pop culture icon make me a “twat”? I’ll never know. 

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