“Lesbehonest”: I’m Straight.


I’m not gay. Never been gay. Probably never will be (only saying “probably” because I can’t predict the future). No, I’m not against the LGBTQ community nor a closet-lesbian who just feels the need to make some half-hearted PSA out of self-hatred and denial. I just feel the need to constantly have to defend myself because most people feel the need to make opinionated comments about my sexuality. A lot of people think that I’m gay. Their reasonings are that I don’t talk to guys at my school and I’m not a girly-girl, so that obviously makes me gay.

That type of ish obviously makes sense in 2013.

I’m not a girly-girl in most ways and have never been. That’s just who I am and always have been, but so what? Everyone is different. And I don’t talk to guys at my school because most of them are ghetto and ignorant and I just don’t relate to them well (I’m naturally more attracted to guys of different ethnicities, but that story is another post.) However, that doesn’t give anyone a justified reason to publicly question my sexuality EVER. It’s just plan rude and nobody’s business in the first place. It doesn’t really bother me at all, but it’s not right. Just because I’m not a teen whore and don’t think of school as a public runway where I need to wear my best knock-offs doesn’t make me gay. It doesn’t make me anything other than who I  am: unusual.


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