The “I Hate Whores. Especially The Fat, Ugly Ones.” Chronicles. Part 1: I Hate Whores.

rasputiaIn nice words, I hate my high school. For the most part, it lacks diversity. Its like Martin Luther King, Jr. never existed and I’ve been forced to attend an all-black school. The students strange, dark hallway-roaming creatures are loud, ghetto, and smell like Monday morning (which happens to be trash day in my neighborhood). The guys are rude and ignorant, but somewhat tolerable. But the girls? They’re a different story. They talk incessantly about ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and create a soundtrack for my school day that sounds a lot like this:

“If I eat more fruit, will my vagina smell better?”

“Ugh, I hate dark-skinned guys. They’re so BLACK!”

“YA GIRL IS GETTIN THICK!!!” (translation for slang-impaired white readers: I think that I’m starting to get Beyoncé’s body, but in reality, I’m just getting fatter.)


“Can I have a dollar so I can get on the train to go visit my boyfriend in the ghetto and GET THE DICK?!?”

“I look so ugly without weave…”

“Hey y’all, look at my left nipple! *proceeds to pull out boob in the middle of class*

This is what I go through all day.



And this is what it makes me feels like doing:


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