First Post in Forever/Spiel of an Irritated Teen

ImageThough it may make me sound like a teenager who just wants to shut everyone out (ok, maybe I am, but I have my reasons), I hate people being in my room. It doesn’t make a difference if I’m occupying it or not or what someone’s intentions are…it just irritates me.For most people, a bedroom is the sole personal place that they own in the entire world. So when people come in uninvited, I get the same uncomfortable, cringeworthy feeling that most people would get if they found some stranger snooping through their underwear drawer. But what irritates me even more than people coming into my room, is what they do forget to do when they leave. Nine times out of ten, people forget to close my door when they leave! It’s almost like they either do it on purpose or just lack enough basic  intelligence to remember to leave my room the way they entered it. I guess the point of my little spiel is to reach out to repeated offenders who never remember  to close another person’s bedroom door when they leave. Furthermore, I want to let victims know that it’s not your fault and I share your pain. There’s only one explanation: the world has just gotten dumber.

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