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MISSING IN CHICAGO: Christopher Evans

Christopher Evans is my cousin. If you’ve seen him or have ANY information on his whereabouts, please contact the Chicago Police Department and his family (773-874-8587). We need to find him ASAP. Taken From Family and friends of a missing graduate student from Loyola University are asking for the public’s help to find … Continue reading

Daily Dose of Knowledge

Word of the Day: Word: harangue (\huh-RANG\) DEFINITION: (noun) 1: a speech addressed to a  public assembly 2: a ranting speech or  writing 3: lecture Example Sentence: The comedian’s stand-up act consisted mostly of sharp harangues against  celebrities and the media.  Riddle of the Day (answer will be posted later on in the day, but … Continue reading

I sat there daintily with a wedgie under my cleavage-baring maxi dress while surrounded by the “cool” kids and felt like a different person. In a bad way.

I wouldn’t call myself a nerd I’m a bit of a nerd, but not in the “I love Star Wars and collect rare African marbles” way. I’m more of the “I know why lemurs like to stay in trees, I’m not into parties, and I’d rather wear black-on-black Converse than Louboutins”. That’s always been who I … Continue reading